The Sound of Forgiveness

by Sleep Circadia

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Produced by Justin T. Spaulding


released January 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Sleep Circadia Syracuse, New York

Deathcore band out of Syracuse, NY

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Track Name: Set It Off
This life was worthless
From the start
It's safe to say
You were right

I have dwelled all the way down
To the heart of what I know is wrong
What, what are you gonna do now
Now that it's over

What about keeping your mouth shut
Is that so fucking hard


I will fight through these useless words
I try to forget

It doesn't matter what I give
In the end
I will be left, hollow

I am hollow

In the end I will stand above in the ground
On you
Track Name: K.N.D.
Put yourself back together
Piece by piece
To survive the puzzle must be complete

In a game where cheating is useless
Competing for your own forgiveness

Insert the tape
Press play
Revise the rules
Begin the struggle

Twist down every time
To constrict the trap on your spine

The test of will takes over your body
Paralysis stricken to the bone
Is this hell my home

How can you cheat death
When you cant save your own breath

Face to face and eye to eye
We meet one last time
With this flawless death design

Face to face
Eye to eye
Track Name: Don't Be Afraid Of The Cheap Whiskey
You will always win
In this game we play
And I will never win

I wonder what it's like
Being right every time
Cutting all the corners making
This right every time
Wonder what it's like with my eyes on you

I will cut the seams
I won't disappear

So find yourself a fucking somebody

Somebody to call your own
You'll never see your constancy burning ever again

My heart my life

How many gambles can you make on the chance there is forgiveness
For every mistake you made

Regret you'll remember
Forever held to your debt

I will relish this
I won't take you back
This won't end easily

Go find yourself a fucking

Somebody to call your own
You'll never see your constancy burning ever again
So believe me please we bleed all the same
But we don't leave the marks you've been leaving ever again
Track Name: Gloom
I've always been told to shut my mouth and accept it
Makes no difference if I try and reject it
Grind my teeth to the gum

When my breaths fall short, just speaking to you
You know it's true, you live this lie too

Why does it have to be such a big deal
The way I live my life, I just try and keep it real
Why can't you keep it real with me

Where can I go without you bringing me down
Everyone is done with you
What have you done but kill our buzz.

You always act the same
You'll always be the same
Around me.

You always act the same
You always act the same
Around me.

You can't talk down on me
With your face to the floor
And the last three words you'll hear
You're nothing more than a faceless pig
Knit in design by all the critics we despise

Livid again we're all reminded of your worst face
Livid again we're all reminded of your worst face
Livid again, we're all reminded
Livid again, of your worst face
Track Name: Deliverance
Remember what was beautiful
Remember how we ripped it all apart
What will we do when there's no one left to rest our burdens on
Luck is for the weak

I've seen this all before
In every shape and form
The essence keeps changing
But still it captures what I adore

I'll dig you a hole
To bury us down
Beneath the fragments of this town
Of dirt and clay to mold to our skin
Leaving you

Help me please
I always believed the lies that you said to me but it's never gonna change a thing
You know I'm not going anywhere
What's the point of trying to change a past it's not going anywhere

I'll get you back before you're dead

You have to sleep sometime
And when you do
I will be there
Never forget this face

This is for the lies
All of this combined
I can find my way out of hell
My way out

Their teeth rip through my flesh
Feasting on my bliss

Our death we would share
Our hearts devoured together